Monday, January 16, 2006

Little Wooden Letters

I'm not a huge Scrabble fan. I mean I like it, but I always feel badly when my turn takes twice as long as everyone elses and then I feel impatient when everyone else is taking their turn.

In the last month I have learned about 4 variations of scrabble just using the lovely wooden letters. Take 2, Take 4, one where you flip the letters over randomly making words while thinking of ways to steal others, dominos, a jenga sort of game and nothing is more fun than just making words and then smooshing them with other peoples words to make no sense at all.

Rules suck.

take one away

tipple topple

tiny topple

me saved your spat

a good one


not gonna topple

lovely little wooden letters

Friday, January 13, 2006

Full moon Friday the 13th.

Crafts for colder climates.

ice candle

Monday, January 09, 2006

Community Place

Friday night is hockey night in our community. Well, it's hockey for some, for others it's more about balancing yourself on two thin pieces of metal while moving over ice. Never have I felt more obviously from the Pacific Coast of Canada, deprived of outside winter ice skating...

There is an outdoor ice rink down the road. Everyone meets there Friday night and straps on their skates. Apres hot chocolate in the humble warming cabin next to its drum barrel wood stove.

Behind the humble warming cabin the swish new community centre is going up. It's huge, has an indoor gym (volleyball style), kitchen, gathering place and library. It's more than we need, such is the way in the North I'm learning, but we needed something. The old community place burned down two years ago.

I just hope we don't lose the humble warming cabin.

the old community place

the new community place

happy to be back...

we're home.

days are short, but the sky is bright.

tested out the winter camping goodies. skied out an hour behind the cabin. pitched the tent on a ridge for a splendid view. halfway moon kept things bright. nice fire kept things warm. the down bags, jackets and lightfield tent made all the difference.

-18 in the morning. woke up with frosty noses and warm bodies.

now for a real trip...

bright peak

lake cracked right up the middle