Tuesday, June 26, 2007

White Stripes in Whitehorse

Yesterday was White Stripes day in Whitehorse. Jack and Meg White wandered around town and put on an impromptu show in a little park for all the people that weren't able to get tickets for thier evening performance. Over 100 camped out for tickets and only 20 got them.

With only an hours notice most everyone in the area turned up to see. Some in awe, some curious as to what all the hype has been about and some just to enjoy good music.

Jack seemed moved by the Whitehorse welcome and even got a little emotional as he left the stage.

Later that night I headed to the Arts Centre with the lucky few with tickets in hand. It was such a special time. Almost 2 hours straight of rocking without a breath. Highlights: adding a little of the Laidback song "Whitehorse" to their mix, slapping the stage with the 7 year old next to me, the dedication of "We're going to be friends" to the girl who chatted with them in the coffee shop. And with the wave of the Yukon flag across the stage, Jack and Meg White headed to Yellowknife.


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