Monday, April 25, 2005

Basket Weaving 101

This weekend a good friend and I endeavoured basket weaving.

We graciously harvested the willow. Making our way down a thawing creek in the new heat. Picking out willow pieces that escaped the munching of moose. Had we tried to harvest willow even a few days later, I'm sure we'd be swarmed with first generation mosquitos. Big, fat and dopey. It was a beautiful time.

Once harvested, we laid out and organized the willow in the shelter of the wall tent. Selecting and weaving randomly.

Basket weaving is not easy. But it's fun and meditative and fiddley and gratifying.

And now I have a nice big basket for toques and mits or maybe fruit and bread...

Monday, April 04, 2005


Just because there is STILL snow on the ground doesn't mean it isn't spring.

It's hard not to feel spring in the air when the sun's light disappears after 9pm.

A few other signs of spring...

fuzzy blossoms

hightened squirrel activity

open GREEN water

open water

and more fuzzy blossoms