Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Northern Beast

I remember a friend drove her car down south after spending a year in the Yukon. It looked different and it sounded different. I think it's happening to my Bev.

My beloved Volvo has had no problems adjusting to the Yukon roads, in fact she's in her element. No traffic lights, no stopping and starting. With the help of four Toyo Observes (some kind of walnut shell tire technology) Bev has taken us in and out of the driveway when we seriously had our doubts. The only time she didn't go was that week it was minus 40 and I didn't want to go that time anyway.

Salty and dirty roads have taken their toll though. You can see through her in some parts and other parts are no longer blue, just a permanent dirt colour. She's dripping a bit of green, but she sits boldly at the top of the drive, waiting to go.

She hasn't failed us yet...I'm knocking on wood, it's become a convenient habit in the log cabin.


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