Thursday, March 03, 2005


Traditionally a gathering of bush people in Whitehorse to celebrate the longer days, Rendevous is now a weeklong excuse to drink and participate in weird activities.

We went into town on Friday and spent the night at a fellow logcabineer's north of town. It was a strange night full of strange activities and good entertainment. We wandered around the 8 bars of Whitehorse and took in Can Can dancers, a bag pipe band, females competing in a hairiest leg competition and males in womens clothing striping down to their underwear (the long red kind). We got trapped in the talking path of a "Sourdough Sam", which from what I can gather is some sort of representative of a bar whose responsibility is to perform the craziest stunts so their bar is "best" known. We saw street hockey and ice sculpture building, fiddling and accordian playing and caught a northern lights show as we walked from one bar to another.

The next day we went for a healing ski and a dip in the Takini hot springs followed by some fair trade goodies at the Bean North coffee house. I felt a little pressured to hurry into town to catch the Rendevous festivities that were taking place and we finished up and headed in.

I was a little disappointed when I discovered what we had left our cozy fair trade coffee house for. Two activities were taking place when we got into town, the chainsaw throw and the flour haul.

The flour haul is supposed to demonstrate the copious amounts of flour a human being can carry on ones back. Perhaps in the day when men were toughened by surving in the rugged Yukon bush, they were able to haul considerable amounts of flour. Now, years of softening urban lifestyle have left the contestents with no where near the fitness level required to have 500 pounds of flour lowered onto their backs and walk 50 feet. It was horrible. One man attempted to have the flour lowered, and relowered, and lowered again onto his back only to have his legs crumble underneath him. Two others suffered the same fate and I'm sure one of these is now walking with aid of a cane.

As we watched men self inflict pain on their backs and pride, we heard a disappointing "Ooooh!" come from the audience behind. The audience watching the chainsaw throw. The thrower stood stunned looking into a part of the audience that were crowded around one unfortunate spectator. The moderator of the event picked up the mic and requested everyone "move behind the yellow line please, behind the yellow line." Wishing I was back in the hotsprings we moved well behind the yellow line and headed back out to our log cabin into the safety of the woods.

The ice scuptures were remarkable though...


Blogger Venda said...

Chainsaw throwing? Holy Canoly! It sounds like quite the event!!!
I heard that you two are looking to buy your own log cabin...awesome! Keep us all posted, your blog is awesome!

When can we come to visit you!?!?!


12:19 p.m.  
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