Monday, March 07, 2005


Things have been happening faster around the log cabin lately. We realised yesterday that we only have 4 more months in the dear log cabin. We're not ready to leave, we feel like we're just settling in, we want to stay longer.

So begins the hunt for our very own log cabin or Yukon type structure. We're looking for something we can exercise our creative muscles on. Somewhere where "built to code" has its own definition. Somewhere without drywall. Maybe I'm dreaming just a little bit...

I'm learning a lot about real estate. FAST.

There are a few cabins around this log cabin that we fansy. These cabins have been deprived the warmth of fire and laughter all winter...these cabins just might have owners wanting to sell! We've picked out the cabins surrounded by untouched snow and are going to start making offers. I've just hung up from the first call...

"The owner is on a bison hunt right now, she should be back Friday."

Have you ever seen the book "Shelter"? You can see a bit of it here... This is what I'm talking about.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about a yurt?

12:29 a.m.  

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