Tuesday, March 28, 2006

this will not become a dog blog

Rowan is pretty much all encompassing.

i was in Vancouver for a week leaving Jay with the responsibility of entertaining, training and power struggling with our growing, teething, co-management dependent beast. now it's my turn while Jay's away this week.

we have a routine. run around outside for an hour, chase after me and jump on the couch inside for 15 minutes and then nap for 45 minutes. repeat.

it's warming up and the ground is slowly revealing a buffet of smells for Rowan to overstimulate his newly found sense of smell. already an hour more light than Vancouver.

my time in Vancouver was inspiring. met and reunited with Community Economic Development and Social Justice buffs from across the country. shared ideas and solidarity in moving the movement. caught up with good friends and my sister. the highlight was catching a Bobs and Lolo show.


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