Saturday, November 26, 2005

The year I moved to the Yukon was the last year it was cold...

For the last week I've been thinking that this is the way I would open my book (if I ever had the perseverance to write one).

The temperature has been hovering between 5 and 7 degrees for the last week. Alarmingly warm. It's also been raining.

And even though there was nothing on the radio or in the paper about it being unusually warm, I found it disturbing.

I carpool with something of a climate change guru and we have conversations about what climate change will look like in the north. He informed me to the way the weather won't just gradually get warmer, it will happen in cycles. Instead of the temperatures fluctuating a couple of degrees in a season, they will shift a lot of degrees. Really hot and really cold in short periods of time.

If you have any doubts about climate change, check out what's happening in the north. There's a conference happening in Montreal right now that will hopefully open some eyes.

Today the temperature has dropped back to -7 with sunny blue sky and I'm relieved. Now I have to deal with ice everywhere and no snow to ski on.


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