Monday, January 03, 2005

Green Christmas

I'm back from a wet Christmas holiday with friends and family in and around Vancouver Island.

It was lovely and green and salty and damp.

Ironically, Whitehorse had the highest temperature in all of Canada on Christmas eve.

Of course when we arrived on December 29th the forcast was calling for HIGHS of -38. With the help of the airport runway management truck we were able to start our car and grab some groceries before the cold snap set in.

We were planning to have a New Years party but our plans were botched by -40 weather. Everything grinds to a hault when it's -40. Cars don't run and outhouses suck and cabins freeze if you aren't around to stoke the fire.

So we ate a dinner of snacks, drank champagne and brought in 2005 with the best of CBC radio 3. We bundled up and walked out on the lake at midnight to hear nothing. We felt like we were on the moon in moonsuits so we went back inside.

We're back up to -15 today. It's amazing how relative temperature can be.

Here are a few pictures from the holidays...


Blogger The Walshman said...

Hey Man, I am just back to Soho, UK, after spending a couple of weeks in Vancouver/Victoria over the holidays. It sure was a soggy one on Chritsmas Day and Boxing Day, but the past week was brilliant! Zero degrees and sunny! Very nice. It is a shock to the system to come back to Soho after the relative calm of Vancouver at Christmas. Feels like stepping into a swarming ant hill. Needless to say, by order of magnitude, your trip to the south coast must have felt even more exaggerated. Sounds like you're fairing well, feliz ano nuevo! CIAO.

4:57 a.m.  
Blogger Rosinvan said...

Hey Kim,

Rosalind here... love the log. Happy New Year

8:30 p.m.  

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