Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Sensory Overload

Lastnight we had some seasoned Yukon friends over to listen to the strange sounds the frozen lake has been making. Of course we got out on the lake and nothing happened. We had a gander at the stars and our friends left looking a little more concerned about our mental capability of handling a Yukon winter.

An hour later we went back down and things got out of hand. The lake started moaning and cracking and cooing, the sounds travelling all the way up and all the way down the lake. I mean strange unearthly sounds. Sounds I've never heard before. Like the sound of an owl cooing through some strange megaphone travelling over ice. Then the northern lights show started and it was pulsing green, waving across the sky and it was all just too much foriegn stimuli. Jay was running back and forth between the lake and the cabin with his mini disc recorder until 4am.

Sadly I didn't catch any of this on film, but this is what the sound looks like on a computer.


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