Sunday, October 31, 2004


Apparently Halloween isn't the same in the Yukon as it is in southern suburbia. If you live outside of Whitehorse (whose subdivisions were almost designed for trick or treating) Halloween takes on a different meaning. Meaning you drive from house to house and only to the houses of those you know.

Usually putting out a jack 'o lantern is another way of saying "Come on down, I've got loads of candy to give you". Not here. Granted we do have a very long walkway to get to our house, it's not well lit and there is about three acres of unlit nothing to the right of the cabin. I wouldn't have braved it, even if it was a dare.

So after waiting until 7ish we hopped in the car and drove around to the cars of trick or treaters. You could tell there were confused looks under those masks as we stopped the car and yelled out "Wanna trick or treat at our car?!".

We did end up getting 2 groups of trick or treaters. We certainly made it worth their while to brave our walkway as we treated these 2 groups to all of our candy.

I used to love it when you'd trick or treat at a house you were a little scared to approach, but when you got there you were greated by a warm house, a nice smile and a big bowl of candy.


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